Phenomenal Touch Massage

Phenomenal Touch Massage Session

1  hour and 20 min- $125

The massage creates itself… organically unfolding, unwinding, swirling and undulating the body in a 3 dimensional water like dance. Fluidly moving the body in space while massaging both sides at once the contact is slow, deep and specific making everything count. Entering and melting the muscle in the shortened position while working with gravity to create the perfect pressure and depth…The intuitive variations of rhythm and speed coupled with quiet pauses allows the giver and receiver to both drop in and give the body time to catch up. Utilization of fulcrums to lift the body, creates a sensation of levitation, while seamlessly transitioning, revisiting and weaving one move in to the next brings a feeling of shape, integration and wholeness. A heart opening moving meditation.

Big Sur Jade 3-D Hot Stone Massage

1 hour and 30 min  – $135

Warm oiled Jade stones, smoothed by the ocean waves in Big Sur, envelop and sculpt the body, while the heat penetrates deeply to further unwind and melt the muscles, feeling like warm water running through your bones.

Three dimensional hot stone massage is a dance of grace and Reverence were stones seem to appear out of midair. You are moved fluidly through space, while the stones embrace both sides of the body at once, giving the ability to use both gravity and weight to gain depth. Hot stones; allow to actually massage the body with heat. The action of being massaged with heat melts the tissue twice as fast as hands alone can do, hot stones are also extremely grounding and calming, helping the receiver to drop even deeper in to the full experience of the massage.

The Metaphysical Properties of Jade

Big Sur, CA is known to be an energy vortex, as well as one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Nephrite Jade that is found along the Big Sur coastline is the only vein of Jade in the world that is smoothed and washed by the ocean waves.

Jade has a gentle steady pulse of healing energy, which aids in emotional release, Jade vibrates in harmony with the heart chakra unlike any other stone; opening the heart chakra to love energy, Jade also balances the male and female energies, as well as being a ” dream stone” bringing insightful dreams and stimulating ideas in the dream state. Jade eases and helps in alleviating emotions based in fear, it helps to sooth the mind in releasing negative thoughts. It’s an extraordinary tool which can help to bring ones consciousness to a higher level, and encourages you to become whom you really are, as well as protecting from negative influence by constantly emanating continuous cleansing vibrations. Jade has a connection to Archangel Raphael, Archangel of healing and Love. Jade vibrates to Master #11, and the corresponding element is water.

Star Drops Journey

30 min -$35

The Star Drops Journey is a deeply meditative healing experience that invokes a deep sense of space and stillness within one self. Primarily used for healing, also used to expand awareness and facilitate creative ideas in any art form. The star drops have this ability to carry things and also to penetrate deeply due to its composition; Pinyon Pine and Ponderosa Pine are two of the main ingredients, they are included in almost all of the blends, both of these oils are 98% identical to our DNA, along with transitional elements, water and salts that we are mainly comprised of. The body recognizes these as part of itself and is able to absorb on a deeper level. Helping energies will first be invited in to the journey, the spirit of the wind horse, as well as the spirits from the plant, mineral and water kingdoms. The Journey is then guided with verbal cues with self application of the star drops to each of the main energy centers of the body (you are healing yourself). During this process you are tuning in to your body to see if there is clarity and energy flow. If you do find energy blocks or discomfort more star drops will be worked in to that area of the body, creating more space and facilitating a better connection electrically. It’s a constant check in, following the energies, emotions and sensations of your body. Towards the end of the journey you light the sacred fire inside and visualize any blocks or anything that isn’t serving you being completely burned up by the fire. After clearing all obstacles, you then make the healing intention/or manifestation you desire. Following this would be the best time to receive a massage or any other kind of healing work.

*Other Essential Oils included : Sandalwood; Spikenard, Damascus Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh, Neroli, Melissa, Holy Basil, Cinnamon Bark, Clove Bud, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Juniper, Vetiver and Palo Santo***

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