Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Along with Manual Lymph Drainage techniques, vibrational energies include; electrostatic, photonic, magnetic, sonic and resonance modalities. Deep stimulation of lymphatic nodes, vessels and capillaries to amplify lymphatic fluid flow; helping with intracellular transport of vital nutrients, and ridding the body of pathogens and accumulated fluid between the cells. LET communicates with your body’s own natural energy patterns and works more efficiently and deeper then manual techniques used alone.

Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy

Session is : 1 hour and 10 min with specific detailed work on the face, neck, breasts or pectoral, axillary and abdomen, if injury or inflammation is present in the back, arms or legs this will be worked in to the session.

( proper draping is applied at all times )

For: breast health, inflammation and swelling, injury rehab, post op, digestion, general toxicity, fibromyalgia, fatigue and strengthening the immune system to fight off dis-ease.

1 hour- $100

1 hour and 10 min – $110 ( extra time needed for breast work )

*add Omnilux infrared light therapy (20 min treatment), over injury site or area of discomfort, this is for deep wound healing and tissue repair. add $35 ( this price is only for adding in to Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy Treatments )

Combining both lymphatic manual stimulation techniques along with the Lymphstar Pro, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy improves lymph fluid acceleration. Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy enhances the transportation of wastes, or toxins out of the body by increasing fluid volume and fluid exchange at the site of lymphatic vessels, as well as the interstitial spaces between cells.

Thus, it also facilitates the transport of immune functions into the cells and organs (white blood cells). The Lymphstar is applied by placing the therapy heads on the skin in prescribed sequences and stroked on the skin following lymph drainage pathways (this alternates with manual lymphatic stimulation “hand” techniques). The therapy heads emit various fields of energy along with an electrostatic field when touched to the skin. As the energy field cascades through the skin it stimulates the sympathetic nerves around the lymphatic vessels, this energy field has been shown to assist with lymphatic fluid flow and chi circulation of the bio energy systems defined in eastern medicine. This gentle non-invasive procedure appears to work faster and deeper than manual techniques used alone.

Benefits: Acne, Anti-aging, improves lymphatic fluid flow, tissue detox, improved post surgery edema swelling, supports immune system and decreases inflammation.