Hylunia skin care products are holistic, green, organic, vegan, and free of all potential inflammatory and irritating ingredients. Hylunia was created  in 1988 by Dr. Link Elanchenny. Dr Link began his research in order to provide a solution for his own children who had sensitive skin and suffered allergic reactions to the fragrances and preservatives found in most skin care products. Daily exposure to ingredients such as  fragrance, dyes, and preservatives can cause inflammation that burdens the immune system, allowing less time to repair and heal, which leads to premature aging. Our focus is to create products that calm and sooth the skin and reduce the impact of environmental stress and sensitivity.

Ascended Health believes that positive intentions transmuted into conscious regenerative vibrational energy is essential to helping your body to heal itself. Their remedies are imprinted using large record – keeper Lemurian quartz crystals all are embedded in resonant sound pyramid hyperbaric chambers pulsed with meditations Tibetan bells, whale sounds and other healing vibrations. The emitted blue-violet light energy adds tremendous healing power by restructuring and hyper-activating oils, serums, and elixirs.

Helena Meyer Company’s unique herbal treatments originate from her centuries old family tradition of naturopathic doctors tending to Austrian royalty and from the ancient system of Ayurveda (the ancient system of holistic medicine). Helena’s organic skin treatments are designed to remove free radicals from cells, which is the main cause of aging. These synergistic herbal formulations nourish and detoxify the skin, resulting in improved skin elasticity and texture in which the skin becomes more supple and moist and pores become more refined.

Windhorse Botanicals derives their plant materials from forest stewardship efforts in the rocky mountain region and our minerals from pristine waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Windhorse products are intended to relax and uplift, and allow the body to heal itself. Many times healing comes from our own ability to connect with our own stillness, our own silence, and our own spaciousness. The classic star drops journey has helped many people tune in to there own stillness, silence, and spaciousness, affording them the opportunity for healing on all levels.

In Joy Botanicals  creates all natural body care with organically grown ingredients and wild crafted plants. We approach the plants we grow and gather with care, respect and reverence. We gather our herbs much like indigenous groups, growing, gathering and harvesting with gratitude and love for our mother earth. The plants medicinal properties are gently infused in to organic olive oil with the heat of the sun. We then lovingly craft by hand small batches of oils, lotions, creams and liniments, ensuring the quality and integrity of our products.

Vapour Organic Beauty products are made from certified organic ingredients and pure mineral pigments. Vapour has a unique texture that is lighter than air, it is not a powder, liquid or cream, the mineral pigments move as your skin moves, creating the look of natural, glowing skin.